With the XCaliber flow loop and the Dynamic Maritime Test Facility, FCoE offers easy access to two unique, intrinsic safe, however ‘real life like’ installations to support and facilitate industry as well as (vocational) education with their activities.

XCaliber flow loop

The XCaliber flow loop is a water loop, built to the model of EuroLoop, the world’s largest and most sophisticated calibration facility for high pressure oil and gas flow meters. FCoE cooperates with EuroLoop

As of 2013 the XCaliber is in use by FCoE and was subsequently further developed.

Dynamic Maritime Test Facility

This loop, with water as medium, is developed from scratch by VAF Instruments, KROHNE Altometer and Reehorst for use in the maritime industry and again (vocational) education.

FCoE started operating the DMTF in Feb 2020.