Open development environment – Field lab

Flow Center of Excellence, as open development environment, also contributes to the Smart Industry Fieldlab in de Duurzaamheidsfabriek in Dordrecht.

Our installations are open for everyone that wants to use them. Customization and flexibility are among our main priorities.
Where possible, equipment can be mounted or even modifications can be made to the installation. Furthermore we can offer opportunities for destructive testing in a ‘field test like’ environment.

Mission and Focus

It is our mission to bring yours innovation further.
To facilitate your projects with our installations and network.

Therewith we focus on:

Industry sectors

  • Process
  • Maritime


  • Metrology
  • Product development
  • Data (logging & analysis and communication)
  • Diagnostics


We are happy to explore the opportunities to bring your ideas/initiatives for new innovations further. To help you realize your R&D projects.

Want to know more?
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