XCaliber flow loop

The XCaliber flow loop is a water loop, built to the model of EuroLoop, the world’s largest and most sophisticated calibration facility for high pressure oil and gas flow meters. FCoE cooperates with EuroLoop.

  • By-pass temperature control

  • Start MUT sections

  • Pressure control

  • 'Intelligent' Altivar drives

With the XCaliber flow loop, FCoE offers:

  • A facility for unofficial calibrating (liquid) flow meters
  • A ‘real life’ (proces-) test environment:
    • Dynamic testing of prototypes/products
    • Flexibility: opportunities to tune the loop according to the user’s wishes
  • Data logging and analysis suite
    • UReason’s APM platform
    • Together with UReason we develop data sets for the XCaliber loop as ‘process installation’
  • OI4 Demonstrator
  • An environment for development of diagnostics
  • Opportunity to demonstrate new innovative products / concepts, as momentarily built in:
    • Schneider Electric’s ‘EcostruxureTM Hybrid DCS’, Altivar drives and sensoring/communication
    • Balluff sensoriring (for pumps and valves) and datacommunication
  • A ‘real’ practice / learning environment for:
    • companies
    • educational institutions

This makes XCaliber an interesting option to use for unofficial calibration or for innovation, marketing&sales, as well as education

For more detailed information we refer to the technical specifications that can be found soon at the Downloads and Data sets page (coming soon)