XCaliber flow meter calibration facility now VSL CMC certified LF2018.01.0013

Thursday 6 August, 2020

During a small ceremony held yesterday (August 5th) at the Duurzaamheidsfabriek the VSL CMC Certificate was handed over officially by VSL managing director Fabienne van Booma – de Smit to Huub Kleinrouweler, managing director of FCoE.

With the facility (located in the Duurzaamheidsfabriek in Dordrecht, The Netherlands) we now can officially calibrate liquid flow meters with a maximum diameter of 4 inch and with flow rates up to 200 m3/h. This makes it possible to simulate customers field conditions at which these flow meters work.

For every calibration facility it is important to be traceable to the international system of units (SI) and to know the measurement uncertainty of the calibration performed.

To realize this, FCoE joined the VSL CMC Certification program for their facility. Part of the project was the calibration of the two master meters by VSL. As a result, the measurement uncertainty of the XCaliber facility is determined to be equal to or better than 0.15%. CMC stands for Calibration and Measurement Capability or easier the best achievable measurement uncertainty under normal operating conditions.

For more information about VSL we refer to their website: www.vsl.nl.

On our site, sub Calibration you will find more information on our calibration possibilities.

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