Data sets

In cooperation with UReason we develop data sets for the XCaliber flow loop, logging data (up to 100-150 data points) of equipment and instrumentation in the XCaliber flow loop, under various situations/operational scenario’s.

Data Sets (published)

September 2020………………………………………….download link

  • FCoE Public Data Set 01 – September 2020…. …..DS 01
  • FCoE Public Data Set 02 – September 2020……….DS 02
  • FCoE Public Data Set 03 – September 2020……….DS 03
  • FCoE Public Data Set 04 – September 2020……….DS 04

These data sets are licensed under the Community Data License Agreement – Permissive, Version 1.0 (CDLA-Permissive-1.0) an can and may be used by industry, research and/or educational institutions for the analysis of a ‘real life’ process installation (however without a chemical process).

Terms & Conditions

Use of FCoE data sets is conditional to:

  • required citation
  • acceptance of the disclaimer

(see below)


Perhaps you need and we can create unique customized data sets for you.
Feel free to ask for the options and costs/conditions. These ‘made to order‘ data sets can be requested at FCoE


We would appreciate it very much when you would be so kind to give us some feed back about your experiences with our data sets. That will help us to improve the quality of our data sets.

Citations and disclaimer

Required citations
Huub Kleinrouweler & Jules Oudmans,
FCoE Public Data Set <number> – <Month> <Year>,
Flow Center of Excellence & UReason,
Dordrecht & Rotterdam, The Netherlands &
FCoE and/or UReason do/does not accept any responsibility / liability for (direct or indirect consequences of) imperfections ad/or errors/defects in, respectively the use of FCoE data sets.