As the name of our center already suggests, the common denominator of our activities is a dynamic flow / flow control environment.

Some projects and/or subjects FCoE is/was involved with:

Metrology and flow measurement

  • Development of new (liquid) flow meters
  • Product improvement (provers)

Process industry

  • OI4 Demonstrator
  • Process control (integrated DCS/SCADA systems, pump drives)
  • Testing flow related equipment/units

Maritime sector

  • Optimization of propulsion
  • Dynamic ship balancing

Data, diagnostics and communication

  • Smart Maintenance 4.0
  • OI4 Demonstrator
  • Logging and analysis of process data
    • FCoE will make available data sets of the XCaliber installation for research
  • Logging and analysis of performance data / sensoring and diagnostics,
    • e.g. in-line flow meters, P- and T sensors, pumps and valves.
  • New communication Field -> Control

In these projects we cooperate with a.o.:
VAF, KROHNE, Schneider Electric, UReason and Balluff.