Data, even better Big Data and the analysis and interpretation of these data are in the spotlights of interests. As such valuable information can be gathered, e.g. to measure and interpret equipment performance. Diagnostics, that majorly contributes to smart maintenance. It speaks for itself that this diagnostics must be accurate and proven reliable, witch holds for the sensoric equipment itself as well.


The development of diagnostic functionality requires extensive testing, preferable ‘in the field’. Specifically for in-line equipment as flow, pressure and temperature meters, as well as pumps and valves, the latter proves to be very difficult, if not impossible when destructive testing is involved/required to test the performance of (self-) diagnostics in ‘real life’ situations.

Data logging and analysis

As a result of the PARADOX project, finished in 2019, the XCaliber flow loop is now equipped with a data logging and data analysis facility: UReason’s APM platform.

With this facility data from the equipment and instrumentation in the loop can be logged in various situations, subsequently analyzed and finally algorithms can be developed to predict the occurrence of these situations.
This has been thoroughly tested with various KROHNE flow meters, involving frequent destructive testing.

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